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We protect both private individuals’ and companies’ contractual interests thanks to an extensive knowledge of the various areas of contract law and in step with the continuous amendments of regulations. We assist our clients during each contractual stage: consulting and advice, drafting, signing, through to the execution and performance of contractual obligations, protecting our clients’ pre-contractual and contractual liability.

From the study of the contract to its performance, we are specialized in all areas, including:

Rationalization and coordination of contracts required for the implementation and management of wind farms, fuel systems, depots and/or platforms for the transformation of liquefied gas, tenders for building works and services, acquisition of wind turbines, leasing and/or financing

Assistance with brand launches; setting up of showrooms and commercial distribution networks; trademark protection; advertising and marketing.

Advertising and television concession agreements; management of relationships with speakers and presenters; contracts designed for the installation and dissemination of broadcast relay stations throughout the region; relationships with AGCOM

contracts for maritime and road commercial transport

Support in the creation of agri-food supply chains, with a particular focus on contractual arrangements required for the cultivation and production of agricultural goods (land lease, purchase of raw materials, recruitment of staff), their processing (consulting for writing business plans, activities required to set up industrial processing plants, purchase of industrial machinery) and sale in national and international markets.

negotiations for executing bank loans (mortgages, granting of lines of credit, bank advances, discount notes etc.) or insurance agreements

: building contracts for both clients and contractors.

management of contractual relationships with users of large commercial clusters (freight terminals, wholesale centres).

Support for setting up supply chains for the retailing of commercial products (franchises, user licenses, setting up of pilot retail outlets and subsequent national and international expansion).

legal advice (establishment, assistance, relationships with third parties) for the development of bodies and/or associations for charity, cultural, sports and social purposes.

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Founder and Managing Partner

Marco Peluso

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Senior Partner

Valerio Piscini

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Michele Di Giorgio

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Amedeo di Virgilio

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