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We understand the needs of our clients and, in collaboration with our national and international partners, accompany them in the strategic process of growth and consolidation in domestic and international markets.
The assistance we provide to companies enables us to support them in all aspects of their corporate matters: from legal advice to the drafting of contracts and litigation at all levels of proceedings.

We become an active part of the client's decision-making process, practically, effectively and competently contributing to the protection of their interests and to the achievement of their objectives.

Management consultancy related to company size and to market contingencies aimed at planning the optimal legal framework and organizational structure and the most suitable commercial relations to ensure the success of the company in the short-medium term.

Consultancy and assistance, including due diligence in extraordinary mergers, demergers, transformations and sales of businesses.

Protection of companies’ distinguishing marks and properties such as trademarks and patents against counterfeiting and/or unfair competition not to mention protection of copyrights, with a special focus on the music industry.

Definition of asset protection strategies for all or selected shareholders with respect to risks related to hostile takeover attempts by other shareholders or by third parties.

Consulting and assistance during the delicate company succession phase, through the identification of the best approach to ensure smooth and non-traumatic generational transitions, from the current entrepreneurs to those who will replace them. For example, trusts and agreements on the transfer of equity interests between family members.

Assistance and consulting during times of corporate financial distress through the management and use of regulatory instruments that are useful to ensure the continuation of business, or expert legal assistance in the event of insolvency proceedings.

Establishment and drafting of the relevant constitutional agreements, as well as assistance in the search for financial partners aimed at the development of the project and company’s growth.

Management of company matters related to corporate criminal liability (law 231), both through the best techniques for the protection of administrative organs and through adding self-protection clauses to articles of association aimed at guaranteeing transparency and stakeholders’ trust.

Due diligence and extensive search of the best solutions to raise financing – through banks, private financial institutions or investment funds – for the development of the company’s business; accompanying companies in their growth process, including stock exchange listing; valuations and remedies in case of litigation.

Assistance and consulting for the protection of companies against activities carried out by a governing body in breach (e.g. removal of the board of directors, liability action against the board of directors; exercise of proceedings pursuant to article 2409 of the Italian Civil Code – serious breaches in the administration of the joint-stock company or of the limited liability company).

Assistance and consultancy for the protection of minority shareholders against abuse of power by the majority; challenging shareholders’ resolutions; protecting the value of share ownership; due diligence and strategic consultancy on the withdrawal of a shareholder who disagrees with the company or with the other shareholders.

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