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Inheritance and gifts

We offer our assistance and consulting services professionally and meticulously, both contentious and non-contentious, in the delicate subject areas related to inheritance law and gifts.

Imagining the future after one’s death requires special care, as well as donating one’s property. We are here to provide the necessary legal support.

  • Assistance and consulting in the early phases of the inheritance, both intestate and testamentary, thereby dealing with all the related fulfilment of obligations, both public and fiscal (e.g. declaration of inheritance, etc.)
  • Assistance and consulting for the examination of handwritten and public wills
  • Assistance and consulting during the acceptance, including with benefit of inventory, or waiver of the inheritance
  • Judicial protection of inheritance rights, especially with respect to inheritance claims, claims for the rightful share of the intestate inheritance as well as division of the inheritance
  • Contested wills
  • Sale of inherited assets
  • Assistance and consulting with regard to the specific haereditas jacens
  • Activity of curator of the lying inheritance
  • Executor of wills
  • For companies: assistance and consulting in drafting the necessary mmandatory and optional inheritance clauses in deeds of partnership regarding successors in the event of the death of a partner; assistance and consulting in the case of death of shareholders of private limited companies or of joint-stock companies respectively as regards the transfer of shares or of claims of inheritance
  • Assistance and consulting in drafting gift-giving transactions, with particular reference to those designed to transfer real rights of use
  • Assistance and consulting regarding so-called “compulsory gifts” ; gifts given out of generosity; gifts given as a token of appreciation; gifts retaining rights of usufruct; gifts subject to certain obligations; gifts within marriage contracts
  • Challenges against gifts, including indirect gifts
  • Nullity, cancellation and revocation actions of gifts due to ingratitude, to the birth of children and to failure to comply with the modus
  • Assistance and consulting in drafting non-gift donation deeds
  • Ordinary revocation actions of direct and indirect gifts
  • Activities and consulting on the subject of compulsory and optional mediation in cases of inheritance, gifts and divisions

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