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Real Estate

We have extensive experience in providing legal advice related to real estate. We assist our clients from the ground up, enabling them to achieve their real estate objectives, especially with respect to the development of residential, touristic and commercial complexes.

We guarantee the best assistance in complex areas of real estate and follow their development.

  • Shopping Centre legal management

  • Commercial lease agreements

  • Acquisitions, redemptions and deeds of transfer related to real estate

  • Due diligence

  • Lease purchase, operating lease, lease back

  • Property funds, trusts and property targeted at a specific transaction pursuant to Art. 2447 bis of the Italian Civil Code

  • Deeds of trust

  • Preliminary sales and, more generally, sale and purchase agreements

  • Preliminary contracts for future real estate developments pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 122/2005 n. 122/2005

  • Atypical transfers executing obligations to give

  • Acquisitive prescription, possession and qualifying interest in possession

  • Protection of property rights: ownership actions, recovery actions, cease-and-desist actions and ascertainment of the executed acquisitive prescription

  • Specific enforcement actions pursuant to Art. 2932 of the Italian Civil Code

  • Investigations aimed at the preservation of asset guarantees: ordinary, early and subrogate revocation

  • Precautionary measures aimed at the preservation of asset guarantees: precautionary seizure before and during proceedings

  • Termination of property transfer agreements for non-performance; nullity, annulment and rescission actions

  • Collateral and personal guarantees: liens, mortgage notes, bank guarantees, insurance policies

  • Fideiussio indemnitatis

  • Transfer to creditors, in case of default, of the property of a borrower or third party guarantor, granted as security over a loan

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Amedeo di Virgilio

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